The Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society
Model by: Jerry Lawrence (Photo courtesy of Russ Reinberg, Finescale Railroader Magazine. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)


What is the “Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society”?

The T.N.G.S. is a loose knit group of railroad modelers that has been meeting together in Southern California since 2000. It is not a club with dues or formal meetings, but a round robin group that meets at members homes once a month or so (usually on short notice). Those that want to come can bring their latest project, relax, exchange ideas, and enjoy a few hours with others of likeminded interest.

With an emphasis on modeling  narrow gauge, scales in the group run the gamut from HOn3  through to Gn15, and into 1.20.3.  Most members however are 1/4 scale modelers, and that is the main scale of the group. Models range from freelance to prototypically correct, and everything in between. They cover steam, diesel, electric, traction, and even some futuristic/fantasy models. We are a group that enjoys the art of model building, over the joy of model railroad operating; there are however several in the group that are working on layouts, and several that have started fiddling with a modular layout.

Where did the Name come from?

As we grew as a group, we decided we needed a name. Since most of us grew up enjoying the music of the sixties and several of us have been fans of "The Grateful Dead", "Hot Tuna" and other like groups for years, it just seemed natural to call ourselves the “Terrapin Rubber Gauge Society”.

Over time it was determined that some members didn’t care for the name  “Terrapin Rubber Gauge Society” due of the initials Terrapin-“RGS”,  and they did not want to be associated with any one particular prototype (such as the Rio Grande Southern). It was decided at that point, that the name should be changed to the current “Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society.”



Carder Allen,  Kevin Barnett,  Gordon Birrell,  Dick Christ,  Bill Davis,

Charlie Dameron,  Chuck Doan,  Ted Edgell,  Jim Ellis,  Gil Flores, Tom Frank,

Don Gage,  Larry Grant,  Travis Handschug,  Doug Heitkamp,

Kevin Hjermstad,  Bob Hough,  Craig Huddleston,  Darryl Huffmann,

Curt Johnson,  Jake Johnson,  Ted Johnson,  Marty Jones,  Jerry Kitts, 

Brian Knott,  Jerry Lawrence,  Phil Lebow, Lloyd Lehrer,  Jeff McKee, 

Mike Miller,  Pete Nazarian,  Ken Neighbarger, Russell Postlewaight,

Don Railton,  Doug Ramos,  Mario Rapinett,  Russ Reinberg, Marc Reusser, Rob Robinson,  Ray Sadler,  Bob Sandel,  Randy Scott,  George Taylor,  Dennis Tebo,  Tommy Thomas,  Yoshi Ueda, Hubert Wetekamp,  Jim Wilke, Juan Carlos Zuloaga


Some of our motley crew.
Copyright 2004, all rights reserved.